Located in southeast Idaho, CareFix is a comprehensive health care consulting and management company equipped and qualified to help you navigate the complex processes and law-mandated requirements for elder care services while maximizing your reimbursements. For example:


• We can train your staff in the processes of billing medicare and medicaid for eligible customers.

• Design and implementation of an accounting system to capture your data in ways that will allow analysis of costs and revenues to Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.

• Staffing pattern analysis to measure staffing levels against industry norms, both for survey compliance and cost control.

• Reimbursement maximization. With over 30 years of experience in getting the best rates possible, we make sure you are getting credit for the work you do, without running afoul of regulators, including special rate billing for difficult to manage patients. For example, we recently enhanced one client provider’s rates by over 23%.

• We will look at home office and hospital allocations to get the actual costs where they do you the most good. You need not settle for what the auditors plug in.

• Representation at state Prospective Payment meetings regarding Medicaid reimbursement. We have been actively involved since PPS started 9 years ago. As a client of CareFix, you receive the benefit of knowing about any Medicaid changes long before the rest of the industry.

• MDS review and maximization. We have an excellent MDS nurse on staff that thinks like an accountant and will guide your nursing staff on all the nuances of the MDS and help identify areas often overlooked to increase reimbursement. The fact is, our MDS expertise will ensure you’re not leaving money on the table every quarter.

• Advise you on ways to enhance your Medicaid payments and representation along with Hansen & Hunter in rate appeals, rate requests, audit response and appeals.


• Assistance with cost report preparation and review prior to submittal to H&H for cost report filing.

• Management assistance and temporary Administrator assistance.

• Trust accounting set up, maintenance, and reporting.

• Ongoing financial statement review and recommendations.

• We can assist in preparing for surveys and inspections of your facilities and care processes. We can also assist in correcting survey deficiencies and sanctions.

Please call me to discuss your specific needs. We at CareFix would like the opportunity to show you how we can contribute in a very significant way to your future success.

We look forward to assisting you.

Scott Burpee, CEO
208.221.4721 or [email protected]