Ground Breaking for Bell Mountain Village & Care Center

It is always exciting to see progress! Our team at Safe Haven Health Care absolutely loved the look of the shovels lined up awaiting the official ground breaking ceremony for the new state-of-the-art facility Bell Mountain Village and Care Center in Blaine County.

Safe Haven Health Care has been providing safe and compassionate care in Bellevue and throughout Idaho for many years, but we find this expansion to be very exciting and are pleased with the plans and progress.

Initially there will be three facilities, as well as two Skilled Nursing facilities that are comprised of 16 beds that are designed to fit the individual’s needs. The buildings will be clustered around a common entry parking area and the property will be able to accommodate up to four more buildings that can either be Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living depending on what is most needed in the community. Bell Mountain Village and Care Center will also include administration offices and a therapy center.

Here is a look at a few photos from our ground breaking ceremony that took place in June 2013.