Safe Haven Home of Challis Thrives with Community Support

CHALLISSafe Haven Home of Challis is pleased to be the sole provider of residential assisted living in Challis, Idaho and continues to enjoy tremendous community support and growth.

“We are so pleased with our community and want to say thank you,” said administrator Lisa Stucker. “Challis is home and the community is great about extending that feeling to our residents, which just makes life more enjoyable.”

As of October, Safe Haven Home of Challis has a 17 residents which is the most the facility was built.

“With our administrator Lisa Stucker, our wonderful care staff, and the community support we are thriving,” said Rebecca Taylor, owner Safe Haven Health Care. “We are certainly proud of this building, especially considering the isolated location and small population to draw from for staff and residents.”

According to Stucker, approximately half of the current residents come directly from the Challis area.

“I think it is a really big deal that residents are able to stay close to their families,” said Stucker. “Without us people needing residential assisted living would be forced to move away from Challis and go elsewhere. It’s important that they can stay in the place they’ve called home.”

Stucker adds that most of the residents who come from outside of the Challis area do not have family to help care for them, but she is always impressed with how they are welcomed and cared for.

In addition to residential assisted living, Safe Haven offers a thriving In-Home Care program providing care to many in their homes in the area headed by LaVon Rhodes who can be reached at 208-731-0835.

Stucker says they always have a need for volunteers and welcomes anyone who is considering volunteer opportunities to call her and discuss ways they may be able to help.

“We love volunteers to help with activities, to share their talents, or even to just come visit.”

For more information contact Lisa at 208- 879-3030.