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General Information

Safe Haven Assisted Living Home of Wendell
(Magic Valley Manor)

MagiMVM-Exteriorfrontc Valley Manor’s Handsome Renovation

MVMcent wendell innMagic Valley Manor is going through a rebirth. 2009 was the 100th birthday of the building. MVM was originally built as a hotel. Later it became the Wendell Hospital. It then sat vacant for several years until it was put back in service as the Magic Valley Manor Nursing Home. Now an assisted living home owned by SafeHaven Health Care, the Magic Valley Manor is underwent a million-dollar upgrade to modernize, expand and preserve the facility for many years to come.

SEE ALSO: Photos and a news piece that appeared on KMVT 11 on April 29, 2010, by Jay Michaels, on the occasion of the Grand Opening of the restored Magic Valley Manor.


  • The entire roof was repaired and replaced.
  • Gutters were removed that caused damage to the structure.
  • All damaged exterior stucco has been repaired or replaced
  • All old swamp coolers have been eliminated.
  • Grounds are now served by a sprinkling system utilizing irrigation water much more efficiently, eliminating flood irrigation. Also consumption of city water for grounds will be virtually eliminated, greatly reducing costs.
  • Remaining trees have been treated for disease.
  • Exterior paint trim has all been repaired and repainted.


  • Most of the heating system has been replaced.
  • All carpeting replaced.
  • Most of the interior has been repainted.
  • All laundry facilities have been upgraded or replaced.
  • Most Kitchen equipment had been replaced
  • All doors have door security to safe guard the wanderers.
  • Fenced outside area to safe guard the wanderers.
  • A new whirlpool therapy tub is being installed.
  • First floor windows are being replaced with energy efficient units.

The original building had virtually no insulation, the finished project will have the ceiling of the first floor totally insulated, reducing energy cost greatly.


  • A new south wing was added to bring balance to the building.
  • 11 new private rooms were added, each featuring private bathing facilities.
  • All 3- and 4-bed rooms were eliminated.
  • New offices, reception, and staff break room were added.
  • New front entry with circular drive and extra parking improved accessibility.

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Call the Magic Valley Manor (Wendell Home) at 208-536-6623 or email to schedule a tour of our beautiful facility or with questions about our services.

Located at 210 N. Idaho Street, Wendell, ID 83355

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