Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find the answer to your questions below, please call us at Safe Haven Health Care…we’re happy to help!

Related to Our Assisted Living Homes

Do you provide short-term respite care?

Indeed we do. We can take and care for residents with short-term needs, such as those recovering from surgery or illness, or those whose primary care-giver will be away for a time.

Do you care for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia?

We currently have two assisted living facilities especially equipped to care for residents suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia, located in Lava Hot Springs and in Wendell (Magic Valley Manor).

Will you design a care plan customized to the individual?

Yes. We know that such customization is the key to the comfort and contentment of our residents and their families.

Do you provide medication dispensing services?

Yes, we offer medication dispensing services through our partnership with Happy family pharmacy. This service ensures that our residents receive their prescribed medications accurately and on time, managed by trained professionals.

What are the Visitation Policies?

Our policy is simple: when you want to come and visit a loved one in our care, you’re welcome, for as long as you’d like. What about Pets? The acceptance of pets belonging to those who enter our care is handled on a case-by-case basis.

Where do you have facilities?

Safe Haven Assisted Living Homes are located in the Idaho communities of Bellevue, Burley, Challis, Gooding, Lava Hot Springs, Shelley, and Wendell. Our headquarters is in Pocatello, as is our Hospital and Skilled Nursing Facility.

Related to Our In-Home Care Services

Do you provide in-home domestic-assistance services as well?

Our trained, caring staff will help with personal hygiene, house cleaning, yard work, laundry, meal preparation, and more. Please contact us to discuss what is needed.

How far will you travel to provide in-home services?

We’re quite flexible, but in general, we cover the entirety of central and southeast Idaho.

Do you provide in-home care services in the areas where you have assisted-living facilities?

Indeed we do. Contact the local facility or the in-home coordinator in the area where you wish services—
Twin Falls/Magic Valley area (208-358-4772);
Pocatello/Blackfoot/Idaho Falls area (208-221-5016);
Burley area (208-431-0790);
Challis/Salmon area (208-731-0835)

Related to Financial Matters

Are you licensed and certified with the Medicaid?

Yes. All facilities are state licensed and participate in the Medicaid programs.

Do you offer financial aid assistance?

We have extensive experience with the financial adi options available to seniors and will help in applying for Medicaid and other available assistance programs. For example, there are programs (through the local Area Agency on Aging) for those who do not qualify for Medicaid, but need still need some assistance. We can also help with your private insurance questions and paperwork. Please contact the Safe Haven offices at 1-800-261-2443 to discuss your needs and concerns. Also look over the articles on elder care financial aid on our resources page.

Where can if find additional information about Elder Care?

Please visit our resources page for links to government agencies and organizations who provide information, support, and options for elder care.

Related to Our Hospital and Skilled Nursing Facility

What kind of patients does the hospital care for?

Our hospital and skilled nursing facility is made up of two facilities—a skilled nursing facility (84 beds) where the staff specializes in behavior care, and, housed in a seperate wing, a psychiatric hospital (14 beds) staffed with doctors and caregivers who care for patients with behavioral and mental illnesses. More information.

Do you accept juvenile patients? At this time, we accept patient 18 years or older.

Related to Behavior Referral Network

What services does the Behavior Referral Network provide?

We provide resources and placement options for RALF’s, SNF, Hospitals, probation and corrections that need help with difficult client placement or relocation. We help place or relocate Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, individuals on probation and parole, and behavior clients (mental illness and multiple diagnosed). We also can assist with referrals, admissions, transportation, and PASRR screening. For more information and a point of contact, visit the Behavior Referral Network web page.