News & Happenings

Here are a few of the accomplishments of our residents and staff and news about our facilities.

New Assisted Living Homes added to the Safe Haven family

In May and again in July of 2012, Safe Haven expanded its assisted living services to Idaho communities by adding homes in Pocatello (5685 Bannock Hwy; 239-0480), Blackfoot (875 S. Pendlebury; 785-3627), and Chubbuck (4875 Burley Drive; 234-1200).

The Pocatello and Blackfoot homes were former Renaissance Homes, while the Chubbuck home was the former Whispering Pines assisted living home.

Wendell Rewards its Volunteer of the Year

—By Blair Koch – For the Times-News

PHOTO: Wendell resident Bill Huffer, 62, reacts after seeing his new bicycle — a gift from city officials, who named him Wendell’s Volunteer of the Year. The City Council presented Huffer, (a resident at the Safe Haven’s Magic Valley Manor) who is unable to drive a vehicle, with the new road bike after learning he had given his previous bike to a Wendell youngster.

[Koch’s complete story at the Times-News website]

We’ve Got Some Wonderful Characters!

BILL HUFFER, the Smile Man, lives at the Magic Valley Manor. Practically every day he rides his bicycle just down the street to the old Bert Harbaugh parking lot, and shows people driving by his very simple “Smile” sign. [

[Read (and see) the entire piece and that Jay Michaels wrote for KMVT 11.]

Safe Haven Sponsors Humanitarian Mission to Nyinbuli Clinic

Safe Haven Health Care supports the work of International Aid Services America and recently sponsored a medical team to Nyinbuli, South Sudan. Safe Haven also supports of the service work of Al Burpee.

International Aid Services America is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation that exists in order to save lives, promote self-reliance through business development, and restore dignity through human transformation—going beyond relief and development in the world’s most desperate communities. IAS America is supported through individual gifts and foundational grants. For more information about our work, please contact us at (815) 444.0424 or visit our website at

Safe Haven Hospital and Care Center Wins 2011 Pocatello Beautification Award

Safe Haven Health Care’s remodeling and landscaping improvements at their Pocatello Hospital and Care Center facility won the 2011 Pocatello Beautification Award. The new rock wall was specifically mentioned. The award was presented at August Chamber of Commerce meeting the Red Lion Inn.

Kathy Adams: Health Care Hero

KATHY ADAMS, administrator of Magic Valley Manor—the Safe Haven Home in Wendell, Idaho, was honored as the “Top Honor Hero: Elder/Hospice Care” in the October 2010 Idaho Business Review for her care and dedication to the needs of the residents under her care.

Steve Martin, of the Idaho Business Review, writes (in part):

“Adams [is praised] for her dedication to getting the local community involved with the Manor’s residents through events such as the annual Easter egg hunt and the Christmas Secret Santa program.

“[Adams sets a] positive example of quality care-centered thinking for her staff. One of Adams’ proudest accomplishments is helping to start the a Meals on Wheels program facilitated through the Manor. Today, the program delivers meals seven days a week.”

Magic Valley Manor Undergoes Renovation

Magic Valley Manor is going through a rebirth. This year (2009) was the 100th birthday of the building. MVM was originally built as a hotel. Later it became the Wendell Hospital. It then sat vacant for several years until it was put back in service as the Magic Valley Manor Nursing Home. Now an assisted living home owned by SafeHaven Health Care, the Magic Valley Manor is undergoing a million-dollar upgrade to modernize, expand and preserve the facility for many years to come. [more information on MVM page]